Tips To Use Table Restaurant At Home

Table restaurant design is always looked simple, sleek and light. Actually this table can be used at home. It can be functioned as dining table or coffee table, depended on size and height of this table. Usually table restaurant can be bought at affordable price. This is mass product, so factory sell it on cheaper price than other table. To be dining table, at first time we determine first that this table will be used for how many people. Then select the right table than can accommodate these people. Most table restaurants are designed in rectangle and circle shape. And majority in rectangle shape, because this shape is easier to be arranged and organized.

Table Restaurant Design

To use table restaurant design and create restaurant atmosphere on dining room, it can be done with several ways. After this table is gotten, then select the right chairs for this table. For good result, these chairs have to own similar color and style with this table. Above this table can be put table cloth with box pattern like on restaurant. On the wall can be installed several photo or picture with style like on restaurant. Above this table can be added flower arrangement on vase fresh fruit on dish.

Restaurant Furniture Design

While to use this table restaurant design as coffee table, it can be done with similar way. If this table need chairs, then find out the right chairs. While if this table doesn’t need chairs, it can be put above rug or carpet. To beautify this table, it can be put LED lamp above it. LED lamp with acrylic box is good to be chosen.

Restaurant Furniture Tables Design

This table is light. It can easier to be moved into other place or room. If we want to save money, we can by used table from restaurant. Usually every restaurant regularly change their furniture. It’s time to buy it in cheaper price. Then repair first this table. Smoothing first with sandpaper and then paint it with favorite color.

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