Tips To Update Home Trend Curtains

Most people want to follow trend. It make them is always looked up to date, including here on home trend curtains. Usually there are three trend types about this curtain, these are color, ornament and fabric type. Not all of this trend is good to be followed. For example, if now curtain blue turquoise become trend, there is no guarantee that this  color will fit with our room. On color wheel theory, every color has its color family. Combining several color from one family will create good result. Other example, if curtain with classic ornament become trend, while our room interior style is modern, so this curtain will not be fit to be install here.

Home Trend Curtains

Before following home trend curtains, consider first. Don’t be hurry to buy because on magazine this curtain is looked pretty. Don’t be provoked with this picture. Of course, it’s looked good because this curtain is designed by good designer, it’s installed on suitable room and this photo is token by experience photographer. Don’t be impulsive and influenced by this picture.

Home Decorating Curtains

Four considerations to determine whether follow or not follow home trend curtains are it’s must be fit with room interior style, affordable price, save money and less maintenance. No matter its beauty, if this curtain is not fit with room, it’s useless. Force to install it will cause room beauty will decrease. Besides that, this curtain should be low cost. Don’t spend money too much. Every tine trend is change. We are not necessary to spend money for thing that will be out of date soon.

Home Window Curtains

If we like it, but it’s expensive, try to do it yourself. Finding fabric for curtain which has similar ornament and color with new curtain trend. Do it yourself will save money. Last thing is less maintenance. No matter if this curtain is cheap and pretty, but if this fabric is not easy to be cleaned, it’s not good to be chosen.

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