Tips To Understand And Follow Color Trends

Time by time, color like fashion has trend. Every time this trend is changing. There are two options related to this trend. First option is not following this trend and second option is following this trend. If we choose second option, we have to first make sure that this color trend is match to be applied on our room. We have to know that every room interior style has certain matching color. Now, assuming we will follow indoor color trends 2013. There are many colors that will be trend, for example alyssum white color, beechnut green color and so on. Imagine first, are these colors will be fit for our rooms?

Indoor Color Trends

After we make sure that one of indoor color trends 2013 is fit for our rooms, now what we do next is determining other complement colors for this chosen color. It needs color concept understanding. Use color wheel to determine it or visit Glidden site for easier explanation. Now, let’s back to color choosing practice. For example, we will use bubble gum pink as main color. This color is part of red color. Then two colors to complete it are pistachio ice cream color and cool cucumber color. I use its name based on Glidden site. Other site, maybe will use other names for the same color.

Interior Color Schemes

Then after three colors are determined, imagine to paint room and decorate it with furniture and other stuffs. Select where wall sides that will be painted with bubble gum pink color and where other wall sides that will be painted with ice cream color or cool cucumber color. Determine too, color for furniture, ceiling, ceramic and other stuffs based on these three colors. Keep bubble gum pink color as main color with biggest proportion using on this room. This principle can be used to understand how to apply above indoor color trends.

Interior Color Trends 2013

But, what happen if after getting other complement colors, we change our mind. We will not anymore to use bubble gum pink color as main color, but we prefer to use pistachio ice cream color as main color? Simply, we just switch position. Now this color is main color, it will use biggest proportion, and other color will be used to complete it.

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