Tips To Run Tiny House Business

Do you like tiny house? Dou you have one? Did you buy or build it yourself? If we like tiny house, we can run this business. It’s time to produce your tiny house commercial. There are several clever way to do it. First way, if we have ability to design it, just make design now. But, if we don’t know how to design it, just buy tiny house plans in affordable price. Learn it all of instructions there, then modify it. We can modify its design and material to build it. It’s good if we can create better design but with lower price. If we cannot do it altogether, give attention on price. On tiny house market, price is sensitive. Decreasing price will increasing demand. It’s simple principle.

Tiny House Commercial

After this modification is done, then it’s time to sell this tiny house commercial. If possible, produce tiny house with more feature or advantages but in low price. It will increase its value. People like to get better product with cheaper price. Then sell by giving several options for customers. There are four options here. First option is by offering ready made tiny house. Here, we have several design tiny house that we can get from modification other people company.

Selling Small House

Second option is offering modification service for customers. It’s important if our  buyer  like one of our tiny house plans, but they need some changing. To do it, we must understand well how to modify it. It can be done, cause usually tiny house has simple design and floor plan.

Small Houses Sale

Third option is offering custom design if they need exclusive design. To do it, we can find several ideas from internet. Or if we don’t want to design it, just recruit one designer to help us. Recruit them as freelancer. They will only get payment if there’s task.

Last option is giving opportunity for customers to propose their own tiny house design, then we build based on this tiny house design. With this formula: better feature, lower price and flexibility to buy tiny house will make this business run well.

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Published on September 14, 2012
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