Tips To Prepare Laundry Room Storage Cabinets

Laundry room is a place in a home for washing clothes. How to organize all furniture and appliances here is important to increase its productivity and comfort to work. Here are seven factors to organize and decorate this laundry room. These are dimension, color, tall cabinet, open & close cabinet, basket and decoration. Starting from dimension. Measure first laundry room dimension. It’s for determining number and dimension of laundry room storage cabinets that we will install. Try to use all available space on the wall to install this cabinet, but without sacrificing tidiness and comfort to work.

Laundry Room Storage Cabinets

Second factor to organize and decorate  laundry room storage cabinets is color. The right color can increase its laundry room beauty and comfort. Comfort means more productivity. If this laundry room is small, light color is better choice. For this small room, light color for cabinet, washer and dryer machine is good. Light green, yellow, orange, blue and white can be considered.

Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Third factor is tall cabinet. Tall cabinet type is commonly used for laundry room. It’s for maximize space and to make easier task. By this cabinet type, we can take and put anything easily without walking. In same cases, organize laundry room storage cabinets are similar with organizing walk in closet organizer. It’s only for different function.

Laundry Room Storage Solutions

Fourth factor is open & close cabinet. So, these cabinets are tall with some open and close racks. Open cabinet is for items with high fequency using, such as detergent and softener. And close cabinet for other items. Fifth factor is basket. Basket can be placed on the floor. Basket is for dirty clothes place. If we run commercial laundry, clothes on this basket must be given label. But, for household, it’s not necessary.

Last factor is decoration. Good decoration will create pleasant atmosphere. It’s means higher productivity. Installing wallpaper with floral theme can be considered. Additionally tip is keeping its laundry room cleanliness. Clean it every day. Dirty room will decrease comfort and productivity.

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