Tips To Plan The Right Small House Layout

Small house is fit for young couple. Usually this small house has one up to three bedrooms. For 3 bed room house plan, there are three house floor plans possibilities here. First layout is three bedrooms on first floor. Second layout is  two bedrooms on first floor and one bedroom on second floor. And third layout is one bedroom on first floor and two bedrooms on second floor. Which is better from these possibilities are depended on many factors. But, usually it’s determined based on land size. If this land area is wide, all of these house floor plans can be built. For smaller land area, house with loft is better choice.

3 Bed Room House Plan

There are three ways to get these 3 bed room house plan design ideas. These are book, magazine and website. On the book store, there are many books and magazine which discuss about this topic. Other way is by surfing on internet. There are many companies that sell ready made design. Each of these companies can have hundreds house floor plan design. Select them base on bedroom number, then we will get many house floor plan choices with 3 bed room number.

3 Bedroom House Plan Without Garage

When selecting these house floor plans, give attention on room arrangement. room size and other available room. Don’t choose 3 bed room house plan because we are interested with its house exterior and painting colors. Undoubtedly these two factors can make people interested, but actually it is not good way to choose it. Just focus on room arrangement and its size. House exterior and painting colors can be changed later.

Craftsman House Plans Porch

If we like one of house floor plan there, we can buy it. Most companies offer modification if we need  several changing on this house floor plan. Buy ready made design is simple way to get house floor plan design soon. If we will modify it by our self, there are many home design software we can use, online and offline.

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