Tips To Plan The Right Small Bedroom Layout

Decorate small bedroom is a little bit difficult because there several restrictions, such as on color and furniture size choice. But it can be solved with several clever tips. The main task here is creating spacious impression. It can be done in many ways. Before decorating this small bedroom layout, identify first all of bedroom furniture and fixtures. Categorizing them based on size. Bed is one of big furniture. It can be starting point to decorate this bedroom. There are three possibilities here, bed can be put on left, right and center side of bedroom.

Small Bedroom Layout

Put bed on left side of this small bedroom layout and arrange other furniture and fixtures near it. This way has purpose to create free space on right side. Similar with this first tip, put bed on right side and followed with other furniture and fixtures have purpose to give free space on left side. Other arrangement is by putting bed on center of bedroom and other furniture and fixture on left and right side. This way purpose is giving free space on U shape. Free space is secret key to create spacious impression on small bedroom.

Small Bedroom Layout Ideas

Next tip is by selecting furniture size on this small bedroom layout. However limited space will restrict flexibility on furniture choice. Small and medium size are right for this small bedroom. Besides that, if possible to prioritize small and shorter furniture. Small furniture will give free space around it and shorter furniture will give free space above it. There is additionally space between this furniture and ceiling. These are ways to maximize free space.

Small Bedroom Design

At first time people enter into small bedroom, what is their first time thinking? The will think that this bedroom is small. Now, it can be solved with clever trick. Use diversion formula to make them don’t think anymore on its room size. For example, install painting and carpet with striking color. It can be focal point on this bedroom, so this small size will not be felt anymore. And last tip, all of these effort will be complete, if we use soft light color to decorate it. Striking color is only use on certain bedroom element to run diversion formula.

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