Tips To Plan Purple Bedroom For Boys

Purple bedroom ideas for boys are interesting idea. Why? Because usually, purple is used on girls bedroom. Purple is the right color to stimulate creativity, intuition, sensitivity and intellectual. But if can combine this purple with other element, we can create good bedroom for boys with purple theme. At first time, we have to know other colors to completed this purple. For example, for dusty violet, good complements color are mossy green and silver dirch color. While for dark purple, the right complements color are toasted oatmeal and dapper tan color. Then these colors choice are used to decorate bedroom.

Purple Bedroom Ideas For Boys

Then to apply these purple bedroom ideas for boys can be done in more than one way. For example on above color combination example, for dark purple, it can be completed with toasted oatmeal and dapper tan color. Three wall sides can be painted with toasted oatmeal or dapper tan color, then one wall side is painted with dark purple color. Other idea is this wall is painted with toasted oatmeal or dapper tan color, then decorate this wall with dark purple sticker or stencil.

Purple Bedroom Ideas

On these boys bedroom, if this bedroom is small, it’s better to choose light purple such as dusty violet. This bedroom will be looked more spacious than if this bedroom decorating use dark purple combination. Ceiling is better painted with lighter color than wall to make it looked spacious. While for floor, there are two good options. It can use light color ceramic or hardwood floor. Hardwood floor will make this bedroom is looked modern and stylish. Above it can be added rug.

Purple Bedroom Paint

Other purple bedroom ideas for boys are choosing only ornament, theme, pattern and picture that reflect masculine character. For this boys bedroom, it will not be fit if we decorate wall with floral theme or decorate window with floral pattern curtain.

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