Tips To Plan Modern Living Room Design

If we like modern style for our living room design, here are few tips to do it. Concise, tidy and clean are three characters that we can see on this modern living room design. This living room doesn’t need too much ornament elements to decorate it. It’s looked elegant and stylish. Favorite color for living room wall is soft light and neutral color. These colors will be felt comfortable. People here will feel happy, relax, calm and less stress. Living room can be restful room.

Living Room Design

These soft light and neutral color on wall, besides for beautifying its wall, create positive mood, create spacious impression and elegant, it’s also able to help focusing other furniture, fixture or home appliances on this living room design. For example, if on this living room is put Persian rug, so this special rug will be looked striking. It can be interesting focal point. Other example, if we put aquarium on this living room, then this aquarium will also be looked striking.

Modern Living Room Design

Similar with wall, most modern living room design floor choose neutral color for its floor. This neutral color ceramic help this living room brighter, looked larger than real size, clean and loose. It can also helping other furniture, fixtures and appliance to be focal point on his living room. Above it can be put rug or carpet. Rug or carpet are also with neural color, except if this rug will be focused.

Contemporary Living Room Design

This living room is also decorated with art work. Art work can come in many shapes, such as painting or sculpture. This painting can be installed on the wall and sculpture can be put on cabinet or rack. Lamp is important element on modern interior. This modern lamp can be installed on ceiling and floor. Then, coffee table and book can be added to decorate this living room.

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