Tips To Plan Modern Floor Plans For Small House

A small house can be comfortable house by developing modern floor plan planning. These floor plans for small house can be designed by considering five aspects, two aspects related to floor and three aspects related to home elements. These aspects are simple layout, open floor area, big window, natural light and ceiling height. Simple layout is fit for modern floor plan. Simple layout on small house will make this house become looked more spacious. It will be better if it’s combined with open floor area. On this open floor area, there is not permanent wall for bordering between living room and kitchen.

Floor Plans For Small House

Besides creating simple layout and open floor plans for small house, building big window is a must on this modern small house. Big window  will bring fresh air and passing natural light from outside. It will make this room become brighter and looked more spacious. For this purpose, this big window can be decorated with simple window decorating, for example installing thin curtain. Using natural light for brightening this small house is smart way to save money.

House Plans Small House

Considering ceiling height on small house is also important. It will give additional free space between top side furniture and ceiling. So, when buying furniture, It’s better to restrict furniture height. For flooring tile, there are two options. It can be installed ceramic or hardwood floor. If using ceramic, choose ceramic with bright color. Hardwood floor on small house is popular, because besides it’s easy to be installed and eco friendly, it also able to give additional freshness atmosphere.

Small Home Building Plans

Last, these floor plans for small house can be completed with the right color choosing and furniture organizing. Don’t use dark color on small house. If we like dark color, just choose bold color on one wall side to give variations, but other wall sides have to be painted with bright color. And about furniture organizing, try to create free space on every place.

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