Tips To Plan A Good Restroom Interior Design At Home

Restroom is room that is designed to create relax atmosphere. Sitting here can reduce stress and return physic and mental condition. It’s good place where people can really feel comfortable. To plan this restroom interior design, at least there are five factors that we should think first. These factors are dimension, color choice, peaceful  atmosphere, lighting and fresh atmosphere. This restroom will be easier if built on place that is far from noisy. A home on suburb or rustic region is good choice if we want to build restroom. But for home on city, at least this restroom is not near street. It can be built on loft with beautiful outdoor view.

Restroom Interior Design

Dimension is important factor for this restroom interior design. It’s difficult to create restroom on crowded space or very small space. Bigger is better. At least there is enough free space on this room. Every stuffs that make clutter situation on this room has to be replaced. Only needed stuffs may be entered here.

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The right colors for this restroom interior design are soft light blue, green and grey. Blue on color meaning theory can makes people feel secure, harmony, quite and patience. Green make people feel health, calm, close to nature and fresh. While grey makes people feel secure, mature, reliable and cool. Besides these three colors, neutral colors can be chosen. For example warm caramel color can be chosen as main color, then is completed with white and grey. To make this restroom is felt shady, warm caramel color and grey proportion can be added.

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This restroom has to be felt peaceful. People enter into restroom, because they look for peaceful atmosphere. Here there is not rock music. If we want to listen to music, slow music is fit. This peaceful can be created with the right color choice as above explanation to decorate this room. Besides color choice, good lighting will help to create peaceful atmosphere. Natural light on the day and low wattage on night are good to get peaceful atmosphere.

Other important factor is freshness. This restroom has to own good ventilation to pass fresh air and glass window to pass natural light. Adding fragrance for this restroom is good idea to be done. Several room fragrance type can make people feel peaceful.

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