Tips To Paint Small Apartment

Every room, no matter whether this is house or apartment has similar principle when we will decorate it. Principle to paint small house can be applied on small apartment, example for 40 square meters apartment. The main problem is this room is small and need to be made having more spacious impression. Including here is paint color choice, interior furniture choice, furniture arrangement and so on. But here, we will focus on paint color choice and how the best way to use it. The first regulation is avoiding dark color. Sometime having dark color is felt exotic, but it’s not fit for small room.

40 Square Meters Apartment

The right paint color for this 40 square meters apartment is soft light or neutral color. Either soft light or neutral color can be match with every color. It will make easier later when choosing furniture and decorating room with other elements. For paint color choice here, try to restrict color choice number. Now look at on the wall, determine first what color will be used and where this color will be applied. Now, imagine a room apartment with four wall sides. These all four walls are better painted with the same paint color. It’s to disappear border between each wall.

Small Apartment Decorating

Besides for disappearing wall border, this technique can create spacious impression for this 40 square meters apartment. If we want to make variation by adding different color, it can be done by this way, choose which wall that will be painted with different color. This wall later will be focal point to give accent on this room. Usually wall on center position that is chosen. This wall can be painted with bold color. Bold color is dark version of soft light color. But don’t use too dark color, dark but it’s still bright.

Small Apartment Furniture

Now, after painting wall is done, it’s time to makeover ceiling. Try to paint ceiling with lighter color than color for wall. It can make this room become fresher and brighter. Floor is better if it’s installed with soft light color ceramic. If we need shady atmosphere, installing hardwood floor tile can be considered.

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