Tips To Modify Tiny Home Floor Plans

Maybe for several reasons, we feel bored with all of tiny home floor plans and designs from all of companies and need custom design and floor layout, but we don’t want to buy ready made or modified tiny home, because it’s more expensive than build it by our self. The possible way is looking for first good tiny home designs on internet. There are many people who build customized tiny home design. Those designs are beautiful. This is not standard design, so we will not find it on tiny home company. Pick several good design and then try to break down it on step by step process  to build it. Draw its several component, room arrangement, material, furniture, appliances and so on.

Tiny Home Floor Plans

The majority rooms on tiny home floor plans are great home, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Commonly place for bedroom is on loft. Great home is living room on tiny home. But actually this is versatile room. It can be used as alternative bedroom by put sofa here.  It’s difficult to install bed here. If we can create new design and floor plan based on existing design, but we meet some difficulties to make list all of needed materials and how to assembly it, the possible way is buying tiny home plans. Almost most of tiny home companies offer these plans.

Small Tiny House Plans

Select all of tiny home floor plans there. Choose that has similar size, room arrangement and design, so we will only need less effort to modify it. These plans are offered on affordable price. It’s complete with colorful picture, list of needed materials, budget estimation and step by step how to assembly it. Many people can do it by following these plans instruction.

Tiny A Frame House

Read carefully until understand. Then redraw it based on existing chosen design from several customized design tiny home. Edit list of materials to build it. Also edit all of needed furniture and appliances if we need to replace it with our own style. Recalculate all of needed budget. Check again to make sure there are not mistakes on planning. After everything is checked, then start to build it and feel having customized design tiny home.

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Published on September 15, 2012
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