Tips To Make The Right Floor Plan For Small Trailer Home

No matter whether we will build small or big home, there are always the same principles to make good floor plan. There are several criteria to be consider first. For very small home such as small trailer home, simple criteria can be applied. These criteria are area zoning, room proportion, room communication and home traffic flow. Then these floor plan concept is completed with furniture fit concept to make sure that this room will be comfortable and loose and not looked crowded and stuffy.  Small trailer home usually has two floor plan types, these are single and double trailer floor plan. Single floor plan means every rooms are arranged in line arrangement, while double floor plans means rooms are arranged on two opposite area. Double floor plan is for bigger size trailer home.

Small Trailer Home

Room zoning on this small trailer home means there is separation between public area and private area. Public area is living room and private area is bedroom. Both for single and double floor plan, these bedroom and living room have to be separated with permanent wall, so from living room people cannot see inside bedroom. On this trailer home, wall is made from wood. Other idea is putting other room such as kitchen between bedroom and living room. While for trailer home, it’s better if living room and kitchen are not separated with permanent wall to create bigger impression illusion.

Small Trailer House

Room proportion on this small trailer home means every rooms are designed in proper size. For example, bathroom may not bigger than bedroom. Every rooms are planned on proportional dimension to get comfort.

Small Trailer Home Plans

Room communication here means layout are designed to make easier all of activity. For example bedroom is put near bathroom to make easier when person here wake up from bedroom then want to go to bathroom. It will not good if bedroom and bathroom are separated with living room. It’s not good from room communication concept.

High traffic flow means layout is considered to make easier people to do activity. Here, doors presence are important. For example, if there is only one door on this trailer home and this door is put on living room. Imagine that these trailer home is used two person and someday, if one of these two persons get guest, automatically he will meet guest on living room. So, other one person will meet difficulty if he want walk out from this house without passing living room if there’s only one door.

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