Tips To Make Small Apartments Have Bigger Impression

Living on small apartment make people to be smart when they will decorate, arrange and organizing everything on its apartment. This building design cannot be changed anymore, so what can we do now is decorating it with smart way to create bigger impression. Make first good decoration design for small apartments. First task is throwing away everything that make clutter on this apartment or invest on storage place. Plastic storage place can be bought with cheap price. Or make cabinet with same color with wall. It will create illusion that these cabinets are disappear.

Design For Small Apartments

First task on these design for small apartments are planning one unity color for all of wall sides on this small apartments. Lighter and brighter color are good choice. Painting with one color will make this small room is looked bigger. If we want to make accent color by painting one wall side in bold color, it can be done, but this bold color is tried to not looked striking.

Interior Design Small Apartments

Second task on these design for small apartments are making bright this room. It can be made brighter by painting it on brighter color as above explanation. Besides that, white window frame with bright simple curtain can also help it. Lamp and natural light also play important rule to make bright this room.

Design Small Studio Apartments

Third task is by maximizing space. Maximizing space doesn’t mean use all available space for putting furniture and appliance. Here is by making efficiency on space using. Furniture is restricted in certain size and height, so it will be residual free space on this room.

Fourth task is treating horizontal space as well as vertical space. If horizontal space can be treated by giving it free space, so vertical space can be treated by restricting furniture height.

Fifth task is making wall seems to be double by putting big glass mirror sheet. If this mirror is put on the right position. It can reflected lamplight and natural light to brightening this room.

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