Tips To Make Over Fabric Covered Headboard

There are favorite places to read book and magazine. These places are patio, window cushion seat and bedroom. Bed with soft headboard is pleasant place to read book and magazine. To make soft this headboard, it can be given with mattress or quilted. And to make beautiful, we can install fabric covered headboard here. Fabric with floral theme is good choice. This floral theme can come in many color choice. Light and soft color are good choice. If we want to feel relax, blue is right. If we want to look for color with healing ability, green is right. If we want to feel exciting, red is right.

Fabric Covered Headboard

However this fabric covered headboard with beautiful pattern and color are enough to create pleasant and comfortable atmosphere on bedroom to read book and magazine. But we can still makeover this fabric covered headboard with many things. Put bedroom decoration on back side of this headboard can make this bed become unique and attractive. Some ideas we can use are old door, carving wood, natural wood, strip wood, wallpaper, rustic wood, big picture, salvage wood, mirror, and so on. These elements can be added to beautify this headboard. And we can also do it your self (DIY) these elements.

Fabric Covered Headboard Pattern

If we like antique style, we can install old door and salvage wood as a headboard foundation. If we like classic style, carving wood and mirror can be put behind this headboard. If we want to feel close to nature, natural wood and rustic wood can be chosen. If we like modern style, strip wood, wallpaper and big picture can be chosen. These elements can be installed on the back side. It will be good if these elements appearance can be harmonized with this  fabric covered headboard. For example, if we want to install natural wood, so fabric covered headboard with floral theme and brown color are match with this wood.

Fabric Covered Headboard DIY

This fabric covered headboard beautify can be increased again by putting cabinet on left or right side bed, then we put the right table lamp here. This table lamp has two functions. First is to light bedroom and second is to decorate this bedroom. The right table lamp choice can help this fabric covered headboard to be more beautiful.

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