Tips To Make Creative Interior Design

Albert Einstein said that creativity is higher than intelligence. Maybe it’s true, because most revolutionary products are creative products. If we like to make creative interior design, try to think outside of box. Try to think the same thing but with different perception. Perception will determine result conclusion. Try to get creative ideas from here. It can be done by developing creative room design or just by adding creative elements on this room. It seem that second way is easier way. So, let’s try it.

Creative Interior Design

Now, for brainstorming, I will show several creative interior design elements. On the first picture we see a man on the desk. What make this desk is so special, because it’s made from car cutting. Nobody has ever thought that a car can be unique desk on bedroom, home office or office. It’s unique and creative. It seems that it’s cut from Ford car. As a table top side then is put black glass sheet with proper size and thick. This black color is fit with car color.

Ceative Interior Design Ideas

Second creative interior design brainstorming is a dog is sleeping on its bed. But, this bed is so unique an special. It’s under cabinet and has shape like fireplace complete with curvature shape on top side. It’s show that this design is by combining three elements: cabinet, dog bed and fireplace. It’s creative, because before it, nobody think that dog bed can be put under cabinet and has shape like this. Here is put pillow like on window cushion seat.

Creative Interior Design Studio

Third brainstorming is cutting scooter or vespa, then it’s modified become table and chair for computer. This idea is combining between scooter, chair function and table functions. It’s eccentric idea. Before it, nobody think to change a scooter for operating computer. So, from above examples, what can we learn? It can be done by thinking outside of the box. Try to think the same think from different perception to get new combination product

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