Tips To Make Cheerful On Kids Medical Exam Room

Medical exam room has to be able to create comfortable and inviting feeling for people to check their health. This room may not be looked rigid and make people feel uncomfortable and afraid to meet physician, more over for kids. To create comfortable room for this exam room, first task is choosing the right paint color for wall. We know that there’s strong relationship between color and emotion. So, these colors have to able to create positive emotion, comfortable and cheerful atmosphere for kids. Soft light green, blue, yellow, orange and white are good for this exam room.

Medical Exam Room

For floor on this medical exam room, can be installed soft light color ceramic or wood floor tile. Soft light color ceramic is felt comfortable on eyes. If wood floor tile will be chosen, hardwood floor or floating wood floor can be considered. Floating floor is felt soft on leg. Hardwood floor is hard, strong and durable. It doesn’t matter if on this floor will be added rug or carpet. Soft light color rug or carpet are good choice. Avoid to install rug or carpet with heavy ornament. This ornament can disturb attention.

Medical Exam Room Cabinets

Ceiling on this medical exam room is installed by lamps with the right wattage. Don’t install too low or too high wattage. To low wattage will make this room is looked dark and disturb physician to check patient health. While too high wattage will make hurt eyes.

Medical Exam Room Lamps

Wall on this medical exam room can be decorated with painting or poster. Colorful painting is good. For kids medical exam room, painting about fruit, fish and bird are good. If we want to install poster, poster with funny picture can be chosen. But on this funny picture there’s health message. So, kids will be happily stimulated to live with healthy life style.

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