Tips To Maintain Wood Bed

There are many bed designs in wood with box that we can buy on the store. Bed now is not only for sleeping and rest, but it’s also for decorating a bedroom. Beautiful bed will increase bedroom beauty and increase bedroom value. Expensive and exclusive wood bed can be interesting focal point on bedroom. And to make it more durable, it has to be maintained every time. We have to also avoid some attitudes that can make it damaged fast. One of advantage of wood bed than metal bed is this material is less produce squeak sound than metal bed. Her are few tips to maintain it.

Bed Designs In Wood With Box

First tip is regularly cleaning it. It’s very important. No matter how beautiful of these bed designs in wood with box, it needs maintenance every time. Even though this bed is put on bedroom and this bedroom is covered from outside environment, dirt can still make it dirty. So, it has to be cleaned every time. For new dirt, it can be cleaned with cloth and water. But there are several dirt that we have to use cleaner. So, find the right cleaner that will not make damaged on this wood surface. Clean dirt and keep bed beauty on the same time. Don’t use abrasive cleaner to clean it.

Double Bed Designs In Wood

Second tip is avoiding bad attitudes on bed. For example, kids like jump into bed. It’s good for kids for sport, but not good for bed. It will damaged bed fast. First damage is on bed frame and legs, if this bed has legs. If this bed doesn’t have legs, this frame will be broken fast. Tell kids to not jump on bed.

Wooden Double Bed

Third tip is avoiding humidity. Commonly wood will be damages fast on humidity area. So, keep bedroom in warm condition. Installing lamp with proper wattage. If water from outside can seep into wall, quickly to repair it. It will create humid area and it will make bed damaged. Besides that, mildew will grow on the wall.

So, keep its beautiful bed designs in wood with box like when buying from store with above tips. Besides to make it more durable, it also keep it interesting.

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