Tips To Install Hardwood Floor With Hardwood Floor Nail Gun

Hardwood floor nail gun is very useful tool to install hardwood into floor. To do it is very simple. What we need to operate this tool is only rubber hammer or wood hammer. Avoid to not use metal hammer, because besides metal hammer will give pressure too big for this tool, it can also make hardwood material surface will be damages. Before using this tool, make sure this hardwood is installed well on floor. This hardwood must be in perfect flat position with floor to get best result. Arrange hardwood pieces on tidy arrangement on floor.

Hardwood Floor Nail Gun

Now to use this hardwood floor nail gun is by holding this tool grip strongly. Keep proper distance between this tool and legs or shoes. Put this tool tongue into this hardwood floor, then use rubber hammer or wood hammer hit this tool ram. Hit with enough pressure. Don’t too hard or too slow. After using several times, we will get experience to use this useful tool.

Hardwood Floor Nailer

When nailing this hardwood floor, give proper distance between one nail and next nail by adapting with hardwood pieces size. If this hardwood size is rather long, on every piece we can install up to three nails, but for shorter hardwood piece, two nails is enough. Make sure these nails are installed well and strong. This nail head must be flat with hardwood surface to get good aesthetic look. When nailing this floor, this tool tongue must be flat position with hardwood surface to get perfect result.

Hardwood Floor Staple Gun

On the store there are two types of this hardwood floor nail gun. First type is manual nailer and second type is pneumatic or air-powered nailer. First type is chaper than second type. Second type is more expensive, but it can give better result on hardwood installation. We recommend to use second type, because installing hardwood floor is worthy investment. Make sure this material is installed well.

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