Tips To Get Profit From Small House Plan Business

There is huge demand for small house plan because this small house type can be bought by most people. Only less people that have finance ability to buy luxurious house. So, why don’t we think that this is good opportunity to make profit from this market. It can be done easier if we have education background at architecture, but for common people without education background on architecture, is there chance to run this business? Of course yes.  But from where we can start? Is it difficult to be started? And how much money to be prepared to run this business? The answer will be surprised you. It’s cheap. Let’s started.

Small House Plan

What we need is only reference book from this small house plan, floor plan design software and website. I’ve seen good reference book on Amazon that contain 1000-1500 house floor plan that can be bought under $50. Its sound like fun! It can be good reference book. Floor plan design software can be gotten for free. There are many freeware that we can use. Just choose that’s easy to be learned and operated. And to build website will not spend too much money. It just need domain and hosting. Domain can be bought at least $10-$15/year and hosting $6-$8/month. We don’t need to learn confusing code to build it. Use WordPress as platform website. It’s one click install through hosting control panel. WordPress is powerful blogging platform to run small company. If we need customize design logo for our company, we can hire someone at Fiverr just for $5. It’s great deal!

Modern Small House Plans

First task is buying this book and learn everything inside this book. Then try to modify several designs there. We don’t need to modify all of designs here. It will spend too much time. Just choose several good small house plan ideas there. To avoid from copyright complaint, we can make some changing. Change its size and position. For big floor plan, it can be down sized by removing unnecessary room.

Small House Design

Then create website by using WordPress. There are many free good template that we can use. To expand its functions, we can add with plugin. If we don’t know much about WordPress, there are many tutorial about this topic. But actually, this is very simple and easy to be learned. Basic skill is enough to run this websites. The critical point is traffic. It can be solved by regularly writing article about small house plans. Use the right keyword about it. These modified small house plans are uploaded into this website and offering floor plan customized service. When we get order, use reference book as source to make design.

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