Tips To Get Profit From Micro Home Business

Why don’t we build micro homes for sale, while we know there is demand market for this micro home? Micro home is very small home. It’s similar with tiny house. This floor plan is really simple. And budget to build this home is not expensive. So, what good ideas to increase its value to make this product become more competitive, but without spending a lot of budget. This key is decorating it and making it looked more beautiful than competitor. On the market, this micro home is usually designed similar with tiny house. Other type is designed very simple like cube. Either conventional or cube design can be decorated in low budget.

Micro Homes For Sale

Here there are three cheap ideas to make it more beautiful and increase its value. Later this micro home for sale will be more competitive on the market. These ideas is paint, linoleum and stencil. Most micro home has natural color like wood. It’s time to change its appearance to get new look. Here there are four color ideas. These colors are blue, green, yellow and orange. These colors can be used as main color and our task is looking for the match complement color options for these colors. It sounds like great, isn’t it?

Tiny Houses For Sale

Blue like Caribbean sea color type is good. It can be combined with dusty gold color and creamy buttermilk color. It’s really beautiful and eye catching. Green like spring green color is pretty as main color. Then it can be complemented with Robin’s egg color and vanilla custard color. Yellow like sun flower color can be combined with French country blue color and crisp linen white color. While orange like sunbaked orange color can be combined with natural wicker color lavender phlox color. These combination are good to create new look micro home for sale.

Little Houses For Sale

After this wall is painted then is decorated with stencil. Find many options of ornaments for this stencil. Then choose that will fit with this wall color. Then use screen printing to print this ornament on this wall as room decorating element. Last, this floor can be beautified with linoleum. It’s cheap but beautiful to transform new look. Now our micro home has pretty appearance, then determine the right price for this by considering competitor price and demand market.

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