Tips To Get Free Cottage Plans

If we want to build a one bedroom cottage plans, but we don’t know where we will start, there are several information to get it. If we want to get complete information data, just visit Jay Shafer tumbleweed tiny house company website. They offer cottage plans with many beautiful designs which have dimension from 264 up to 777 square feet. We will get useful information, including here complete picture, layout, materials list, tools list and clearly instruction how to do it. It’s perfect as plans guidance. But to get it, we must purchase first its plans. If we want to get free cottage plans, try to visit Todays Plans website.

One Bedroom Cottage Plans

On this website, we will get up to 84 free cottage plans there with many different layout, just browse one bedroom cottage plans or we can modify from existing cottage plans there that have more than one bedroom than is modified become one bedroom. Just by eliminating other bedroom. The weakness from this website is information there is not complete. Most cottage plans only show front view and layout. Some plans are completed with pdf file that show layout, front view, side view and section view. But if we understand building concept and have experience in building, this un complete information is enough to be developed later.

1 Bedroom House Plans

However we can get  one bedroom cottage plans for free. What we do next is considering whether we will make some changing or not. If this cottage layout can be built on our land and we don’t want to make some modifications, now the next step is calculating budget by breaking down plans into materials list and how long this plan can be finished, including how many builders will be recruited to build it. Even though this information is not complete, but experience builder can build this cottage based on this limited information. They have known what they should do. Tell them exactly cottage that we want.

2 Bedroom Cottage Plans

This free plan can also be modified to make fit with our requirement. If we can operate home design software, it can make easier task. Or if we master AutoCAd, it’s powerful application to be used. But, actually to modify is not difficult as we think. It just need a little imagination.

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