Tips To Develop Small House Design

If we have land area with dimension 80 – 100 square meter and we want to build a small house on this location, there are several small house design options. These possibilities are 36, 42, 48, 50, 60 and 75 square meter for house dimension. These are only for examples. If we have limited budget, 36 – 48 square meter house design can be chosen. If we have enough budget, 60 -75 square meter house design is better choice. It will give more spacious area and more flexibility to decorate it. If we want to build small house with loft, 65 square meter house design can be developed. It can be 50 square meter first floor and 25 square meter second floor.

48 Square Meter House Design

Two bedroom house plans can be developed on 36 -60 square meter house design and three bedroom plans can be built on 75 square meter house design option. Bigger is better. For two bedroom plans with affordable budget, 48 square meter house design can be considered.  Several dimension options for 48 square meter house design are 6 x 8, 6.86 x 7 and 8 x 6 square meter. These three options can be developed on land are with dimension 80 – 100 square meter.

Small Modern House Design

Before starting to make design floor plan for this 48 square meter house design, draw first land shape, complete with its length and width.  Choose several floor plan ideas that is possible to build on this land. Planning too its garden design. Land space in front of home and back yard can be used as garden. Garden presence on small house is important. The main problem of small house is feeling stuffy. Garden presence will help to create freshness.

Small House Architecture

The best advise for small home is keeping simple on design and room interior. Give enough window for this small house. Besides that, when painting this house, don’t choose painting with dark color. Maybe dark color can give certain character for a house, but for small house, soft light color is better choice.

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