Tips To Design Floor Plan For Very Small Houses

Living on very small houses become trend, because it offers new experiences and values for modern people. It has many advantages than other standard size house. Very small house can be found on tiny house, trailer house or other house types. Usually this house type has dimension under 500 square feet.  Tiny house floor plan is simpler than trailer house. Simpler on layout, bit it means more difficult to arrange and organize furniture and appliances if we want to put many furniture and appliances on this house type. Depended on what type that we will choose, if we want to make floor plan design or we want to buy these very small house, here are few tips to get the right floor plan.

Very Small Houses

Basic concept to find the right floor plan for all of house types, including for very small house are area zoning, room proportion, room communication and home traffic flow. Then it should be completed with furniture size selecting. Area zoning on this house means there is separation between private and public room. Private room is bedroom and bathroom. While public room is living room. So, between living room and bedroom have to be given permanent wall border. This wall can be made from several material types, depended on this house type. Bathroom is good to be put on hidden place, don’t be looked from living room.

Very Small House Plans

These very small houses should be own proportional size for every rooms. This concept is called as room proportion, It will not be good if bathroom, for example, is bigger than bedroom, or bedroom is bigger than living room. For every rooms size, it should be planned on proper size. Proportional room size will determine whether this room will be comfortable or not later.

Very Small Cabins

Good room communication concept can be applied by understanding activities on a home. For example, after person wake up from his bed, usually he will go o he bathroom to wash his face or take a bath. Besides that, he can go to kitchen to make drink. By this understanding, we should make bedroom, bathroom and kitchen on near position to make easier all of his activities. It can be continued later by determining other room function.

Good home traffic flow concept can be applied by understanding persons movement on a home. It’s better to make more than one door to increase home traffic flow level, except if this house dimension is under 100 square feet.

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