Tips To Decorate Wooden Square Centre Table

Latest wooden square centre table designs can come in several design. Common design is modern style. It’s designed with modern look, in rectangle shape. Other unique design is kept it not in perfect rectangle. It’s such as let its un perfect part as art work. This table type expose its natural wood texture and it’s finished with glossy on surface. Under lamp light, this table surface will be looked sparkling. Either first type or second type can be put on living room and kitchen on dining room. There are several ways to decorate it.

Latest Wooden Square Centre Table Designs

On living room, these latest wooden square centre table designs can be decorated by put flower arrangement above it. This flower can be entered into glass vase or ceramic vase. Other good element to decorate it is candle on candle place. If put candle, be careful that this fire will not burn this wood surface. Putting art furnishing or artwork above it is also good. Several wooden table type is given glass as table top. It can make it more modern and protect it from dirt and fire.

Wooden Center Table Designs

On dining room, these latest wooden square centre table designs can also decorated with flower, candle and art work. Or putting tray and put fresh fruits here. Above this table can be put chandelier. If this table has glossy surface, put hanging lamp or ceiling lamp will be made it shined. It’s looked stylish.

Wooden Center Table Ideas

To maintain it, if this wooden table is not protected with glass, it must be avoid from hot drinking directly. For example, put hot coffee glass above it will leave mark. And it will not easy to be cleaned. It’s better if under this coffee glass is put glass coaster to reduce its hot. If we use cleaner to clean it, make sure this cleaner is specially made for this table. Wrong cleaner will make dull this surface.

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