Tips To Decorate Wall With Wall Clock

Everything in our home can be decorated in many ways. Wall is important element on a home. Without wall, everybody will not own privacy. Have you imagine take a bath on bathroom without wall or sleeping on bedroom without wall? It must be crazy and strange. Wall is not only from brick. It can also from wood and other material. Wall can be decorated by installing something interesting on it. Picture and wall clock are good idea. If we like install wall clock, try to choose something special that has history. For example, if we like movie Titanic or we have ever sailed in the ocean by ship and we enjoy, maybe a beautiful nautical wall clocks can be good choice.

Nautical Wall Clocks

Nautical wall clocks are wall clock with nautical theme. Usually this clock is decorated with anchor, steering and ship picture inside this clock. Other clocks use anchor and steering shape as clock box shape. This clock can be looked antique or modern depended on design, color and material. This clock will be interesting decoration element on living room, family room or bedroom. If we like antique style, clock from wood in brown color with its natural wood texture is good. But if we like modern style, clock from plastic, fiberglass or stainless steel is good.

Wooden Nautical Clock

This nautical wall clock can be complement decoration element or the main decoration element. If we want this clock become complement element, just choose clock that can be harmonized with room interior style. For example, on classic room interior style, nautical wall clock from wood is good choice. But, if this clock is really special, because this is exclusive stuff , we can function it as the main decoration element. Here, it will be focusing point. To do it, we must create contrast sight between this clock and place where this clock is installed.

Antique Wall Clocks

For example, we can install big nautical wall clock from wood with anchor or steering shape on living room. It can be installed above sofa for home owner. If this clock come in dark brown, so it’s better if we choose light brown or beige as color for wall, sofa, furniture and other stuffs in living room. It will make this clock more focus. Other great idea is put small cabinet near sofa and then install table lamp. This lamp is directed into this clock. It can make this clock brighter and more attractive.

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