Tips To Decorate Small Wooden Bedroom

People say that small bedroom  is only bedroom for sleeping, because this bedroom is not comfortable to do activity. This assuming can be true if this bedroom has bad decoration. But it will be mistake if this bedroom is decorated well. So, planning good interior design for small wooden bedroom is important to increase comfort level. First task to be done is removing all of clutters there. Unnecessary stuffs can be replaced. Too big furniture size can be changed with smaller size. Here only put needed furniture and stuffs. Create extra space for free space. Don’t fulfill all of area with stuffs.

Interior Design For Small Wooden Bedroom

The next task of interior design for small wooden bedroom is choose the right size bed. Then use bed as standard measurement. Bed is most important furniture on bedroom and its presence cannot be replaced with other furniture. It serves the main function of bedroom for sleeping place. Select first the right size of bed. Then all of other furniture choosing is adapted proportionally with this bed.  It has goal to create balance from all furniture here. For example, it will be bed if we put big cabinet, while bed size is small.

Interior Small Bedroom Design

For small bedroom, avoid dark color. Light colors like white, beige and cream are good colors to decorate this small bedroom. Ceiling is better is it’s painted with lighter color than wall. It will create illusion that this ceiling is more spacious than actually size.

Small Bedroom Interior Design Pictures

When planning interior design for small wooden bedroom, prepare area on the bedroom nook to read book, magazine and newspaper. This way is to maximize function all of available space.  Put small table with chair. Put table lamp to help reading and flower arrangement to make it more beautiful. If we want to put TV, choose TV with flat monitor to save area. It can be installed on the wall. Last, this interior design for small wooden bedroom needs creative storage to store anything. It can be put under bed or be painted with the same color with wall.

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