Tips To Decorate Small Loft Apartment With White Color Theme

White in color meaning theory means clean, pure, goodness, light and innocence. It’s versatile color. Both small and big room are fit to use this color, specially for small room. Decorating a small loft apartment with white is great idea to keep this room is looked larger, clean and show other stuffs beauty on this room. It can be applied on wall, floor and furniture color. The right decorating with white color theme can make this small apartment become looked stylish and modern. Starting to paint wall, window frame, window, door and ceiling with white. Now, this room will looked more loose and clean. It can be complete again if this ceramic is also white.

Decorating A Small Loft Apartment

Next decorating a small loft apartment with white is painting or buying furniture with white color. Because this apartment is small, so it’s better to buy the right size for this these furniture. All of furniture that will spend more space have to be given attention first. To get better result planning, drawing first its room layout is good. Try to arrange important furniture first, such as bed, living room furniture and dining room furniture. Other furniture can arranged after this.

Small Loft Apartment Decorating Ideas

For decorating a small loft apartment, modern style furniture is better than furniture with ornaments, because modern furniture is easier to be arranged and organized. Try to create spacious free space. Arranging furniture on rectangle shape is better than other shape. For example, arranging living room furniture on rectangle arrangement is looked more concise than arrange it on circular position.

Small Loft Apartment Design Ideas

Then determining, which stuffs that will be put on first floor and on loft. Books, magazine and newspaper are better to be put on loft. Other stuffs are put on first floor. Then combine this white color wit other color to make this room become more beautiful. White cabinet can be combined with brown color on its top side. Under white ceramic can be put beige color carpet. On white bedroom can be put blue blanket, bedding and pillow cover and so on. Keep it this decoration is on simple way.

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