Tips To Decorate Small Living Room

Decorate small living room become challenge for most people. They are challenged to maximize this limited space to create comfortable place with spacious impression. It can be complicated task. This small living room has potentially problem to crowded place, if we can not arrange and organize well all of home furniture and appliances there. Here are several factors we should consider to solve this problem. Here they are: furniture style, light color, mirror, furniture size, multifunction furniture, cabinet and lighting. Starting from furniture style. Furniture with motive simple line is fit for small living room. Try to avoid furniture with height legs. It can decrease empty volume on this room. It means this room will be looked narrower.

Small Living Room

Second factor is light color scheme. For small living room, light color is best choice. Whatever color we choose, prioritize to choose light type. This light color can be applied to paint wall, select furniture, choose home appliance and so on. Whatever stuffs in living room, prioritize on light color. Third factor is mirror. Select the right place to install this appliance. Don’t install on position face to sun. It can make us glare.

Small Living Room Pictures

Fourth factor is multifunction furniture. This the right furniture type for small living room. This furniture can run more than one duty. For example, TV table with rack, chair with rack. It can save place using this furniture type. Fifth factor is cabinet. For small living room, the existing of cabinet is important. It can be storage place for storing any stuffs there. Don’t let some stuffs make this room become crowded. Put them on cabinet. It’s better if this cabinet is in hidden place.

Furniture For Small Living Room

Fifth factor is lighting. The right lighting can make this small living room become more spacious than actually dimension. If we install hanging lamp or lamp on ceiling. Choose lamp with white blurry glass. This lighting will make more spacious this room. On dark corner place, we can put standing lamp. And to make this room become more fresh, we can put fresh flower arrangement on glass vase. Pour water inside this vase to make this flower more durable.

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