Tips To Decorate Small Cottage With Unique Style

Small cottage is usually built on rustic, suburb or place with natural environment. It’s good to fulfill holiday with family or just fulfilling time to relax. Planning small cottage designs with modern style decoration is not fit with around environment. It’s better to choose nature theme. One of attractive theme of this category is wild animal theme. If we like hunting on the jungle, this theme is very good for us. Besides it reflects hobby, it also make us feel always close to nature. More than that, it’s fit if this cottage is built with wood as main material.

Small Cottage Designs

On these small cottage designs, decorating planning can be focused on living room and bedroom. Ornamental deer head can be installed on living room. Or if there is fireplace mantel here, it can be put above this appliance. Deer head with its horn is very good. It can be bought on the store. But it can be more special if we get it by hunting deer on the jungle. It will be memorable thing on this living room.

Small Cottage Decorating

Besides decorating wall with ornamental deer head, it can also decorated by installing two rifle. These two rifles are arranged in cross position. Besides riffle, fishing hook is also good. Floor on these small cottage designs can be decorated with rug from animal skin. Animal like bear and zebra are good choice to be put here. It’s very unique rug. If possible, put drying bear behind door, so when guest open the door, they will b surprise there is a bear inside home.

Small Cottage Ideas

Pictures are other good decoration elements on this cottage room. These pictures can be framed with wood. Pictures of wild animals, our picture when we are fishing on wild river and get big fish, our picture when we are standing with a rifle. It’s looked very good.

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