Tips To Decorate Small Cabin With Free Cost

There are many small cabin for sale out there. If we buy it, usually this small cabin is decorated with standard decoration. If we have no money, but we want to decorate it, what can we do now? Here are few tips to decorate it without spending money. It’s free. It just need little effort. First idea is complete it with furniture. Maybe we can add cabinet on this bedroom or living room. Old cabinet from home can be put here. But usually old cabinet is not looked good anymore, so it needs to be painted again. Clean first all of its surface and then smoothing it with sand paper. After that, this cabinet can be painted. Now it has new look.

Small Cabin For Sale

Second idea is decorating this small cabin for sale wall with painting, poster, or photo. These wall decorating elements can be taken from home. To make it looked good, it’s better if we install several painting, poster or photo are on the same size. It will be looked tidy and good. These stuffs can be taken from home.

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Third idea is installing mirror on this small cabin for sale wall. Besides for reflecting, this mirror presence can make this room is looked more spacious by reflecting natural light and lamplight. If we can install big mirror sheet, it’s better, it can create double room illusion.

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Fourth idea is installing curtain. Maybe we have several curtains on home. One of them can be used to decorated this small cabin living room. Measure first its window size, then adapting with this curtain. Cutting it if necessary then sew it and install it on the window.

Fifth idea is installing rug or carpet on living room or bedroom. Usually a home has more than one rug and carpet. It it’s rare to be used on home, it can be installed on this small cabin.

Sixth idea is putting flower arrangement on this small cabin living room and kitchen. Flower can be taken from garden. And its vase can use glass vase.

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