Tips To Decorate Room With Silver Color

We can easily find silver color on furniture, appliance and room interior. Silver is amazing color. It reflects metal color. On a home, it can come on wall, floor, furniture and appliance. Silver is versatile color. It can be harmonized with pastel, bold, neutral and gold color. All of these colors are complementary color for silver. If we buy silver industrial furniture, we will not meet difficulty to decorate its room. There are many other colors that can be fit for silver. It give us flexibility. It’s so why there are so much industrial products that is designed with silver.

Silver Industrial Furniture

Including on pastel color category are light blue, green, purple, yellow and pink. It’s perfect for kids bedroom. This silver industrial furniture can be match perfectly with pastel color. For example, if we put silver sofa and table on living room, it can be completed with light blue rug under this table. If we put painting above sofa, it can be given light blue frame. If we put table lamp on cabinet, this lamp cap can be chosen on light green color. Here there are five complementary colors for silver, but it doesn’t mean that these colors can used altogether. Too much color on room decorating will reduce its beauty.

Silver Leaf Furniture

If pastel is soft light color, so bold is the opposite of it. It’s brighter and more striking than pastel. But, it doesn’t mean that bold color is better than pastel. It can be combined together. Including on bold colors category are blue, red, purple and green.  All of these colors can be used as complementary color when designing room with silver industrial furniture. For example, if bed color on bedroom is silver, so put blue or red pillow hear is fit.

Silver Bedroom Furniture

Including on neutral colors category are white, cream, gray, black, ivory and brown. Neutral is versatile color. It can be fit for majority color, including for silver. For example, if wall color is painted with silver, so ceiling can be painted with white color and white ceramic for floor can be chosen. Last color category is gold. Combination of gold and silver color is ultimate combination. Both gold and silver reflect metal character.

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