Tips To Decorate Room With Handmade Wooden Toys

Vintage handmade wooden toys are versatile stuff. It can be used as decoration element, toys for kids and gift. Vintage wooden toys can be changed become modern style by changing its color by paint. As toys for kids, it can be alternative for modern toys. Handmade wooden toys are more natural. It doesn’t use electric power, so it doesn’t produce electromagnetic field that can cause some diseases. It’s also good to be a gift. It has value more than modern toys, because it’s made manually. Modern toys are mass product, it’s less exclusive. As decoration element, it’s more attractive and unique.

Vintage Handmade Wooden Toys

To clean and maintain these vintage handmade wooden toys can be done by water, soap, vinegar and lemon. If these wooden toys are grown by mildew, it can cleaned by sandpaper. Clean all surface and then repaint again if necessary. Most vintage wooden toys come in natural wood color. If we like to change become more modern, repaint with our favorite color. Use wood paint to do it. It’s easy task. Before doing it, smoothing first its surface then repaint with wood paint.

Wooden Toy Patterns

On some cases, decorating room with vintage handmade wooden toys are same with art furnishing articles. It can be put on cabinet, coffee table and bookshelves. It can works well to be combined with table lamp, book and table clock. Putting this handmade toys into glass box is great way to make this stuff become more exclusive. With this glass box, this wooden toy will be looked more stylish and modern, even though it’s not be repainted in other color.

Handmade Wooden Toys

The advantage of decorating room with this wooden toys are affordable price, easy to be clean and exclusive. Most wooden toys can be bought in affordable price, because it’s made from cheap material. It doesn’t spend a lot of times to maintain it. And what make it exclusive is this product is not produce in mass scale.

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