Tips To Decorate Modern Medical Clinics Information Room

Medical clinic is a place where people go there to check their healthy, meet physician, see patient, by drug and so on This place must showcase health environment. It has to be looked clean, well maintenance and bright. Here are few tips to decorate modern medical clinics information room. First tip is painting this medical clinic room wall with light color. White color is best recommended. Why? Because white is associated with clean, pure and hospital color. Most hospitals in the world use white as dominant color. If we want to give variation, neutral colors can be added.

Modern Medical Clinics

Second tip to decorate these modern medical clinics is choosing white or neutral color ceramic for this room. If we want ornament, choose ceramic with simple ornament. Too much ornament will reduce meaning association of clean and health on people perception. Clean it every time this ceramic. It’s good if this ceramic is looked like glass where this ceramic surface is shine. It will give impression very clean and hygiene.

Modern Medical Practice

Third tip is putting white counter table and cabinet in front office. This counter table is designed in proper size and height by adapting with average people height. Don’t too short or too high. Above this counter table can be put green plant or flower arrangement to make this room is looked fresh. This flower arrangement can be put on glass vase. Green plant can be put on plastic pot and then this plastic pot is entered into wicker pot to give good aesthetic look. All of counter table and cabinet have to be able to show modern medical clinics perception.

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Fourth tip is decorating wall with painting or poster. Colorful painting type is good choice to create cheerful atmosphere on this room. Don’t install old style painting. If we want to install poster, poster with health slogan or messages are good to remind people to keep their health.

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