Tips To Decorate Living Room With White Color

Living room with white as main color will be looked clean and bright. Either for small or big living room, this living room white is looked elegant, stylish and clean. Decorating living room like this give us more flexibility, because white can be match with every color. Combining white with other color is easy. Just choose what main other color. To keep this living room white is looked elegant and clean, neutral color such as sage, san, ivory, beige and tan are good choice to be combined. But, it doesn’t matter to give certain accent by adding accent color on one wall side if needed.

Living Room White

There are many combination colors that we can combine on this living room white. Now let’s try to arrange these colors application. For wall and ceiling are painted with white. Sofa and table are main furniture on living room. These furniture can be chosen in white color. To give variation, we can choose white table with clear glass or black glass. Above sofa, we can put white pillow or beige and tan color pillow. It’s looked elegant and beautiful.

Living Room White Furniture Ideas

Under this furniture can be installed beige rug. Rug can make this furniture become looked focus. It cannot be done with white rug. Besides that white rug will make this living room decoration become monotonous and this rug is easy to looked dirty if we don’t always clean it every time. Beside this sofa can be put standing lamp with white cap or putting white cabinet. Above it we can put table lamp. If we want to look for variation, black cabinet is good choice on this living room white.

Living Room White Walls

Wall can be decorated with art painting or photo. Colorful painting can be chosen to give accent on this wall. Family photos can be installed here with simple frame. Colors choice for this frame are white, black or neutral color. To create fresh atmosphere, on the corner can be put green plant on container. If we want to decorate window, curtain with neutral color is match for this living room white.

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