Tips To Decorate Living Room With Corner Fireplace

Utilizing corner area on living room with fireplace is great idea to make warm room. Usually this room corner is kept empty or just put plants or small pieces. Building corner fireplace is more functional. Besides for warming room, fireplace can be sweet focal point, because several elements can be added to make it beautiful. It is smart decision to utilize unusual space with positive ideas. Some difficult challenge will come, but it can be solved with several simple ideas. Angled shape area will not be problem anymore. So, how can we transform it become functional and god looking area? We will explore living room design with corner fireplace ideas.

Living Room Design With Corner Fireplace

First living room design with corner fireplace idea is arranging sofa to form L shape. It is great to utilize area around it. Sitting on sofa here is felt warm. Good room for several activities, such as inviting friends, reading book, listening music and watching movie. This room can also be transformed become room for drinking coffee. Put the right coffee table type and size. This coffee table can be put in line position with sofa and in front of fireplace.

Living Room Design Corner Fireplace

Second  living room design with corner fireplace idea is putting big flat TV above it. It will easy way to make it beautiful. Just put it there and task is done. It will transform this corner room become entertainment room while warming body with fireplace.

Arrange Living Room Corner Fireplace

Third good idea is decorating it with several accessories option. Above it can be beautified with art painting, art work, family photos, handmade wooden toy, collection items, silver dish, souvenirs item and so on. It is good place to display favorite items. This area is save from mildew.

Fourth idea is putting fresh plants on living room. It will make balance this room. Good combination between warm impression and freshness. This fresh plants, depended on its type can be hung over fireplace.

Fifth idea and it is common idea by installing soft rug or carpet in front of fireplace. Choose rug with motif like Persian rug. It is unique, exclusive, good looking and affordable price.

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