Tips To Decorate Kitchen With Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is important element on home decoration, including on kitchen. The right kitchen ceiling light fixtures will complete its kitchen beauty. Hundreds style lighting fixtures can be found on the store. Location, color, lamp type and style are four factors should be considered when will decorate kitchen with this lighting element. Determine first where this lighting fixture will be installed. Commonly places are ceiling, under cabinet and corner. Ceiling is most common place. Here can be installed hanging lamp and non hanging lamp.

Kitchen Ceiling Light Fixtures

Second factor is lamp color. Common color on decorating with kitchen ceiling light fixtures is white, but it can be added other color such as yellow, orange or blue to avoid from monotonous impression. Here, white is main color and other color is complement color. Other color can be placed on certain places to create certain atmosphere. For example yellow or orange above dining room to create romantic atmosphere when dining time with couple.

Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

Third factor is lamp type. Some kitchen ceiling light fixtures  are crystal lamp, chandelier lamp, pendant light lamp, fluorescent lamp, flush mount lamp, island lamp, semi flush lamp and hockey puck lamp. If we look for luxurious atmosphere, crystal hanging lamp is best recommended. Whether installed on the center of kitchen or above dining room is fit. Crystal hanging lamp is fit for every kitchen styles. Both classic and modern kitchen style are fit with this lamp type. Fluorescent lamp and hockey puck light are looked modern. Chandelier hanging lamp is light with candle style, but it doesn’t use real candle. It uses several small lamps with design like candle. It’s looked antique and modern.

Kitchen Ceiling Light Fixtures Ideas

Lamp that fit to be installed under cabinet is hockey puck lamp. It can make kitchen countertop is looked glow and glossy. If this countertop use granite, marble or quartz material, installing hockey puck light under cabinet on the wall is very good. Other lighting source is candle. It’s to create antique and romantic atmosphere. It can be put on the corner. It needs candle holder. Put on the corner near dining room and dining event will be romantic.

Last factor is style. This lamp choice must be adapted with its kitchen room interior style. Some lamp type are fit for classic and modern kitchen style, but some other types are only fit with certain kitchen style.

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