Tips To Decorate Home With Traditional Style

Traditional style provide timeless beauty and classic appearance. Traditional homes can still found on many countries. Traditional style has many variations on decoration. It comes from light to dark color. Now, traditional style is blended with modern style to create something new, combination between traditional and modern lifestyle together. Simple tips below will explain how to realize traditional home decorating ideas through wall, home architecture, floor, furniture and accessories.

Traditional Home Decorating Ideas

First tip to realize traditional home decorating ideas is painting wall with pastel, taupes, cream, read and red. These colors are often found on many traditional home. On the past dark color is used for traditional home, now on this modern era, lighter version is used to make brighter and look larger. Window on traditional home is completed with sleek valance and curtain with tassel.

Traditional Interior Design Ideas

Second tip is planning home with traditional architecture. On this traditional architecture, ceiling is completed with molding to give variation. Also there is white molding panel on wall to create decorative wall.

Traditional Living Room Decorating Ideas

Third tip to implement  traditional home decorating ideas is installing wood floor. To get traditional look, we can take salvage wood and reclaimed wood floor. To compromise with modern style, hardwood floor and floating wood floor are good alternative. If for several reasons, we want to install ceramic instead of wood, now there are many wood style tile options. It has appearance almost similar with wood floor. It combines many advantages from wood and ceramic.

Fourth tip is completing home with traditional furniture. What kind of traditional furniture. These furniture are made from dark wood like mahogany and cherry. These are beautiful with flower, brocade and strip line carving decoration. It can be bought on antique store or reproduction furniture store.

Fifth tip is putting traditional accessories on this home. Few examples are bird sculpture from wood or resin, ceramic, vase, oriental rug, antique stuffs, old style oil painting and soon.

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