Tips To Decorate Half Octagon Deck

Deck as home exterior element can be designed in many shapes, for examples: rectangle deck, circle deck, octagon deck, half octagon deck and so on. This deck can use wood, stone and combination wood an stone. Building deck is way to beautify home exterior and give additionally function of yard around home. It will be good alternative if there is yard, but homeowners will not use it for gardening. It can be used as deck. More than that on this deck can be put several plant types on containers. So, it proves there are many advantages of deck.

Half Octagon Deck

Octagon deck is perfect as gazebo alternative. It has circular shape but it has eight angles. If we put table and chairs, it can be arranged on circular arrangement.  Table on center position and chairs are on around it. It can be used by 4 – 8 persons. As gazebo alternative, it must be there is roof above it. Different with octagon deck, half octagon deck is not half gazebo alternative. If octagon deck can be stand alone building outside home, so half octagon deck will be looked like one unity with its home. It will give character on home exterior.

Build Octagon Deck

Usually half octagon deck is built if there is half octagon shape on its home, maybe this octagon shape is part of bedroom, living room or family room, then outside this half octagon shape building is built half octagon deck in circular position around this building. This deck can beautify this building and create shady atmosphere for room near it.

Octagon Deck Stairs

On this deck can be put outdoor furniture. It can be decorated with soft pillow on every chair. Pillow cover with striking cover color is exciting. Above table can be put fresh flower arrangement on glass vase. On the cornet can be put plants on containers. Green plants or dwarf fruit plants are very good to be put here. Under table can be put carpet. And last decoration element is lighting above it. Ornamental wall lamp is good to be chosen.

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Published on September 20, 2012
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