Tips To Decorate Girls Bedroom With Wall Art

Wall art is widely used to decorate room, including on girls bedroom. Before making girls bedroom design, make sure we know first what are girls favorite, hobby and collection. These informations will used to determined what pictures will be chosen. Asking them to get good idea. Then these informations will be implemented on wall art. Including on wall art are sticker, stencil, poster and photo. These wall art has different advantage and weakness. Decorating with sticker, poster and photo are easier and it can be replaced easily without damaging wall.

Girls Bedroom Design

Then determine which pictures that will use these wall art type as medium expression. Decorating with stencil on this girls bedroom design needs more effort than other wall art type. It needs screen printing and roller or air brush to paint it. Besides that to remove and change with other picture, it needs to repaint all of wall surface where this stencil is put. It’s more permanent than other wall art type. So, it needs more serious considering to select this ornament. Prioritize on everlasting ornament type for this stencil.

Girls Bedroom Design Pictures

Sticker is more flexible on this girls bedroom design. There are wide variety of picture and color through this medium. Similar with stencil it can be used to fulfill large are. For example, if this wall be decorated with beach theme. Beach atmosphere including beach, people, boat, ocean, sky, bird and sun can be display completely. Sticker is also more detail in color, because it’s printed by machine. We will meet diificulty to get the same detail with stencil, but stencil is more elegant.

Girls Bedroom Design Photos

Then other picture can be expressed through poster and photo. Family photo or their friends can be installed here. To get better result for these poster and photo, if we put several posters and photos, it’s better to use the same size and the same color for this frame.

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