Tips To Decorate Garden With Edging Material

Garden edging material is new term on garden decorating. This edging material is used to make more focus some plants group on a cluster. This edging material will make plants are more beautiful. It’s less different with retaining wall, even though it has similar function to give border between one are with other area. The different here is edging material is not for bordering area with different soil level such as on retaining wall. So, to build garden edging material, it must not has the same construction strength such as on retaining wall.

Garden Edging Material

This garden edging material can be made from stone, concrete, brick and wood. This edging material can be build as bordering element on plants cluster area or along footpath on garden. Ornamental grass cluster or flower cluster area are good to be given this edging material. Stone is one of favorite material for edging material. Stone with irregular shape and size has aesthetic shape to be chosen. Besides that, this material can be painted to show this border. White color is popular color for painting this edging material

Garden Edging Ideas

Concrete is other common garden edging material. The advantage of this material is this edging material is looked tidier than stone, but it’s also looked less aesthetic because it can be looked rigid. But, however it’s depended on people taste to use which material will be used. If we want this edging material is looked more natural, so we can choose brick. Brick with its natural color is good choice, but it’s less durable than concrete. After long time using, these bricks can be damage caused by temperature changing and humidity factor. To decorate this brick, between each bricks can be painted with strip white color.

Landscape Edging Material

Wood with its natural texture can be edging material with high aesthetic. But the weakness of wood is this material is less durable than stone, concrete and brick. For long time using, this wood will be obsolete. It will not withstand with moisture and humidity condition. To minimize this possibility, choose solid and hard wood.

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