Tips To Decorate French Country Style Homes

Each home architecture style has each decoration style. Decoration for Mediterranean home is different with Victorian home. Besides this architecture style will influence its interior decoration, this interior decoration also has function to identify type of home style. French country style homes are one of the most home architecture style. It can be decorated with five ways. Here they are: color, material, furniture, traditional look and accessories. Starting from color palette. Yellow, green, red, gold and blue are common colors that we can find on this home.  More than one color can be used, but determine one color as primary color or color theme.

French Country Style Homes

Second tips is material. The existing of natural material is one of French country style homes character. Natural stone or log furniture for its floor and fireplace mantel. Third tip is furniture. When we look at furniture on this home, we will remember rustic furniture. Some hand carved furniture can be found in this home. Fourth tip is traditional look. Besides natural stone is used for floor and fireplace mantel, it’s also used for wall. The existing this stone make this home is looked antique. It remind us traditional home. If this floor doesn’t use stone, but ceramic, we can find this ceramic is decorated with traditional ornaments, such as grape and lavender shape.

French Country Style Decor

Last tip for these French country style homes are accessories. Here we can find some accessories such as on Southwestern style home like pottery and candleholder from iron. This pottery usually is decorated with beautiful ornament, such as sun flower shape.

French Country Style Homes Pictures

If we like old style home, French country style homes can be good choice. It’s classic, unique and artistic. Similar Victorian or colonial style home, this home represent living from the past era. Old style home can be good alternative architecture style on this modern era. It can be balancing for modern style.

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