Tips To Decorate Bedrooms With Bathtub

Bedrooms with bathtub? For most people, it will be strange  idea. Except if this bathtub is placed on bathroom and this bathroom is inside this bedroom. But this bathtub is really placed on bedroom, not on bathroom. Actually it will not be surprised too much because bathtub is designed to run many purposes. Besides for taking a bath, people can soak. Soaking on warm water is believed to reduce stress and good for healthy therapy. So, if the purpose is for reducing stress and returning physical condition, it doesn’t matter if this bathtub is installed on bedroom, outside bathroom.

Bedrooms With Bathtub

But, it’s only fit for big bedroom. Small bedroom will meet  some difficulties to install it, because it will spend area on bedroom. Besides it will need area to put this appliance, it also needs free space around it to prevent other stuffs from water spreading. These bedrooms with bathtub are good to build on home that has beautiful view and there are big glass on the wall near it. So, while soaking here, people can enjoy outside room.

Bedrooms With Bathtub Design

These bedrooms with bathtub can be decorated in many ways. Area around this bathtub is given mat that is easy to absorb water to make sure this bedroom is on dry condition. It’s important thing. Besides that, it’s necessary to install towel holder near it. To make soaking event become pleasant activity, this bathtub need to be decorated. Stencil is one of good idea. There are many good wall design through stencil and it can be applied on bathtub. If we want to save time and easier to do, wall art sticker is good alternative.

Bedrooms With Bathtub Ideas

To complete this decoration, it’s better to decorate window too. Big curtain with soft light color and floral theme can be considered. It’s looked fresh. If there are cabinet near this bathtub. Above this cabinet can be put fresh flower arrangement.

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