Tips To Decorate Bedroom With Sage Green

Sage green is variant of green. It has lighter color than green. This color is felt soft on eye. Sage walls bedroom is looked fresh, calm, relax and good for returning physical and emotional condition. This sage green is also versatile color. It can be combined with other colors when decorating bedroom. Combining with other colors can create certain style for bedroom decorating. For example, we can create contemporary style, romantic setting, fresh look and natural environment on bedroom.

Sage Walls Bedroom

First style is contemporary. If we want to create this style, sage green is combined with white. This wall is painted with sage green and other furniture are painted with white. Combination sage green and white will make this bedroom is felt soft and bright. Bed, wardrobe, cabinet, seating, table lamp and bookshelves are on white.

Sage Bedroom Design

Second style is creating romantic style. To do it, this paint wall with cream color, then decorating  window with sage green curtain and valance. Besides that, bedding, blanket and pillow are also chosen with sage green color. It can be completed with sage green wood furniture.

Sage Bedroom Ideas

Third style is creating fresh look atmosphere on bedroom. To do it, sage walls bedroom is combined with white and blue. Bed and cabinet are painted with white. Then decorate window with blue curtain and valance. Also add blue rug on floor. Besides these colors combination create fresh look, this bedroom can also be relaxing place to reduce stress.

Fourth style is creating natural environment look on bedroom by combining this sage wall bedroom with brown color. Wall is painted with sage green and other bedroom furniture are painted in brown. Installing hardwood floor on this bedroom is good way to create natural environment look. It can be harmonized with this sage walls bedroom. Bedroom with this decorating is combination between freshness and stability impression.

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