Tips To Decorate Bedding With London Theme

If we like everything about London and UK, we can use London theme as main theme to decorate bed. Bedding, blanket and pillow can be decorated with this theme. This theme is inspired with important and popular things on London. First London inspired bedding tip is decorating bedding with crown picture like a Queen’s crown. This ornament can be printed or embroidered. This crown picture is good for bedding, blanket and pillow. More than that it’s good as wall decorating. Use stencil to do it. Crown picture with embroidery is looked more luxurious than printing version. But if we like colorful style, printing version is good choice. If embroidery version is elegant, so printing version is cheerful.

London Inspired Bedding

Second London inspired bedding tip is decorating bedding with Queen guard picture. Queen guard is famous character in the world. It can be good decorating idea. Colorful Queen guard picture on bedding, blanket and pillow is interesting. It’s good for kids bedroom.

London Themed Bedroom

Third London inspired bedding tip is decorating bedding with English flag. English flag is very famous. Colorful English flag on bedding, blanket and pillow is fit for kids bedroom. Both Queen guard and English flag picture will make cheerful atmosphere on kids bedroom.

Bed Linens London

Fourth tip is decorating bedding with London Big Ben. This picture can be completed with London Bridge.  These two places are popular on English and the world. Decorating bedding with these picture will make us feel sleeping in English.

Fifth tip is decorating bedding with English phone box and bus. Phone box and bus at English has certain character and it’s easy to recognized as English style. It’s good as decorating picture options.

Now, if we want to decorate bedding with London theme, there are many options on picture and color choice. For adult bedroom, Queen’s crown picture on embroidery is good choice. It’s looked elegant and calm. While for kids bedroom, it can use colorful Queen guard, Big Ben, flag, English phone box and bus picture.

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