Tips To Decorate Bay Window

Window is important element at a house. With window, people can get fresh air and can enjoy outdoor view. With the right treatment, window can be beautiful element at a room. Beautiful bay window valances are example how a bay window can have aesthetic function. Actually a bay window can be decorated in many ways. Shutter, blind, shade, valance, drape, window cushion seat are common elements to be used to beautify a bay window. Starting from shutter. Good shutter can maximize lighting, privacy and outdoor view. It’s also more permanent than other bay window decoration element.

Bay Window Valances

Blind and shade can be installed in horizontal or vertical style on bay window. Horizontal style make this bay window is looked taller than actually dimension. And vertical style make this bay window is looked wider than real dimension. If a home has short ceiling, horizontal style is good. And vertical style is good for small room. It can be made from fiber, fabric and vinyl. Blind and shade are good to be combined with bay window valances.

Bay Window Valances For Kitchens

A good bay window valances can give texture to bay window. Usually it’s made with fabric. Valance will beautify top side of bay window. Drape has similar function with shutter. It can add privacy level for a room. And lighting from sun light can be regulated from here. Drape comes in many style, such as classic, casual and luxury.

Bay Window Valance Ideas

Different with other element, window cushion seat is not installed on bay window. It’s part of a home element. It’s placed under window. A good window cushion seat can complete bay window beauty. Besides to decorate this bay window, it also become pleasant place for enjoying. Sit or lie down here is very comfortable. This window cushion seat can be decorated with flower arrangement, lamp, art furnishing article and so on.

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