Tips To Decorate Bathroom With Floral Theme

A good bathroom is not only for taking a bath ant wash our face, but it must be relaxing place where people can feel enjoy to return tired and get freshness. Now bathroom can be decorated and remodeled with many ways. Decorate with floral theme is one of interesting ideas to make it more pleasant. Put a flower arrangement for bathroom on bathroom vanity is one example to create new atmosphere. Besides that, decorate bathroom with floral theme can create romantic atmosphere. It’s fit for young couple and teenage girl. To create romantic bathroom, it can be added with several candles and photos. Candles can be put on bathtub and photos can be installed on the wall.

Flower Arrangement For Bathroom

To decorate bathroom with floral theme, there are few tips. First tip is putting flower arrangement for bathroom. This flower can be putted on bathroom vanity. This is favorite place to put it. Flower with glass vase is fit here. Other glass, resin is good alternative. Glass and resin are better than wood, because glass and resin are more durable in wet condition, especially if we must pour water into this vase to make this flower fresher for long time.

Flower Arrangement Ideas

Second tip is installing ceramic with floral theme on the wall. This ceramic can easily found on the store. If we like romantic atmosphere, floral theme in red or pink color is good choice. But if we want atmosphere is more moderate, floral theme with yellow, orange or green can be good alternative. Combination this ceramic with flower arrangement for bathroom on bathroom vanity are very good to improve this bathroom appearance.

Flower Arrangement Pictures

Third tip is installing oversized shower curtain with floral theme to cover shower or bathroom area. Shower curtain from vinyl with floral ornaments are very pretty choice. If we install shower curtain, we must give attention on this cleanliness from residual shampoo, conditioner and soap. Fourth tip is installing flower picture on the wall. Printing picture with modern frame can be chosen to decorate this bathroom wall.

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