Tips To Decorate Bathroom With Fingertip Towel Holder

A term fingertip towel is used to very small towel. Fingertip and hand towel is almost similar, but fingertip is smaller. Usually it has dimension 10×15 inch. Hand towel is bigger than this. People use fingertip towel after washing their face or hand with water. Usually fingertip towel is placed on bathroom and kitchen. It can be placed on a fingertip towel holder. Many styles of this holder can be found on the store. It can be used as bathroom or kitchen decoration element. If it’s placed on kitchen, it can be installed near or above basin.

Fingertip Towel Holder

If we will create unique fingertip towel holder on bathroom, here several ideas we can consider. Other ideas we can explore by our self. This holder can be made from stainless steel or wood. Stainless steel is more modern than wood. But wood is good choice if we want to get towel holder classic style. Make sure this wood is high quality. It must be able to withstand from wet and humidity condition on bathroom. To be placed on bathroom, stainless steel is more durable than wood.

Fingertip Towel Holder In Chrome

This fingertip towel holder can be installed on the wall or placed on the floor. Towel holder without legs must be installed on the wall. Above or near bathroom vanity, near bathtub and near bathroom door are good location to install this towel holder. Other towel holder type is ladder towel holder. It is also made from stainless steel and wood. It’s more portable than other towel holder that it’s installed on the wall. It can be placed anywhere, but near bathroom vanity, bathtub and window are still good choice.

Fingertip Towel Holder In Bronze

Other unique towel holder is using sculpture. Sculpture from resin or wood with people or animal shape are good idea. Sculpture in medium size can be good alternative for towel holder. A good sculpture can create classic and luxurious appearance. Because this towel holder type need place to put it, so only bathroom vanity that fit to put it.

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