Tips To Create Vintage Room

Decorating room with vintage theme is good alternative to create unique and different room. Besides that, these vintage room themes can be interesting medium to remind sweet memory from the past. So, why don’t we try to use this theme? Seven ideas below can help us to stimulate to create amazing vintage room atmosphere. These ideas are color, wallpaper, old style furniture, wall art ( art painting, old family photo, poster ), curtain, vintage lamp and bookshelves with old book collection.

Vintage Room Themes

First idea to express vintage room themes are color. The right color to bring vintage atmosphere are pale blue, sunny yellow and pistachio. These colors then are applied on wall, furniture selecting, wallpaper, wall art and window decorating.

Vintage Room Designs

Second idea to expose these vintage room themes are wallpaper. Wallpaper with vintage color and floral theme is perfect wallpaper to bring vintage style. Decorating wall with wallpaper can be done fast. Avoid from kids to draw or write on this wallpaper. It will be difficult to be cleaned if kids use permanent ink.

Vintage Bedroom Ideas

Third idea is choosing old style furniture. It can be bought on antique store. Furniture with old carving style or furniture with rustic style design are good samples as old style furniture.

Fourth idea is decorating with vintage style wall art. Including on these wall arts category are old style art painting, old family photo and old style poster. Old style art painting can be bought on antique store and old style poster can be bought on poster store. These posters can take pictures from old movie, old movie star, old music band and so on. Old family photos are great source to create vintage look. Simple or decorative frame are good for these old photos. Old family photos with white and black are great choice.

Fifth idea is decorating window with vintage style curtain. Curtain with yellow color and floral picture is good sample to create vintage look on this room.

Sixth idea is putting vintage lamp. This vintage lamp can be bought on antique store. Antique hanging lamp is one good sample of this vintage lamp. Now we can find easily electric lamp with vintage style box outside it. It’s more practice than real vintage lamp. On real vintage lamp, kerosene is used as fuel. Other antique hanging lamp is decorating with candle holder on the corner.

Seventh idea is installing bookshelves with old book collection. Besides for reflecting vintage style, these old book presence will create well educated impression from guests for this homeowner.

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